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A Full-Service Vending Company

Whether you are looking for cold drinks, gourmet coffee, fresh sandwiches or hot meals, MI Vending can supply you with the Baltimore vending machines and the services that you need. We carry a diverse collection of vending machines so that you can be sure to bring the food and drink products you want to your business.

What Full-Service Means to You

You provide the space for the machines, MI Vending does the rest! To be more specific, it costs you nothing to get a Baltimore vending machine installed in your facilities. We provide you with the machines that you want as well as the highest quality service and maintenance to make sure that they continue to stay stocked and run smoothly.

There will never be any cost to the customer for MI Vending machines or services.

Have you ever kicked a vending machine for a bag of chips?

Who hasn't? Like any product on the market, there are low-quality vending machines and there are high-quality vending machines. We purchase only the best equipment this industry has to offer. With good equipment and a little preventative maintenance, we can greatly reduce the amount of service calls you have to make, and get that kicking problem under control!

If you are looking for a vending machine in Baltimore or anywhere in the Maryland area, call MI Vending.

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Who uses our services?
We place vending machines in a wide range of locations such as offices, warehouses, factories, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports, military bases and government buildings. Give us a call to find out about getting vending machines in your facilities.